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Bondi's Marriage Bungle

Pam Bondi has been officially married and divorced twice and is now living with her current partner with whom she entered into an "unofficial non-binding commitment ceremony."

Apparently, Bondi has no problem with non-traditional unions as long as they are her own.

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Bondi's Voting Bungle

Of the 6 million disenfranchised citizens in the United States, approximately 1/4 of them are Floridians.

As another example of Bondi's "Colorblind Justice," the NAACP cites a recent Florida voter purge initiative which "erroneously flagged and purged 12,000 voters. Over 70% of those flagged voters were African American or Latino."

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Bondi's Jobs Bungle

A 2013 Reuters Poll showed over 40 percent of recent U.S. college graduates are still struggling to find jobs and are either unemployed or underemployed.

Then Bondi’s buddies in the Republican party cut the Bright Futures Program by over $40 million.

Bet Floridians wished Pam Bondi’s dad got them all jobs, too. 

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Bondi's Health Bungle

Bondi has adequate coverage, so health care must not be an issue in Florida — just ask the 1.1 million Floridians who would benefit if Florida expanded Medicaid by taking the $51 billion it’s entitled to under the ACA. 

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Bondi's Children Bungle

There are approximately 8,000 children currently in Florida’s Foster Care system who might disagree with that “legitimate interest.”

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Bondi's Choice Bungle

Yet, Bondi has constantly opposed the voters’ right to vote on a proposed ballot initiative to legalize medical marijuana. Looks like Florida voters have a right to decide for themselves . . . as long as Bondi approves first.

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Bondi's Federalism Bungle

There are approximately 20 countries in the world who practice federalism, including our closest neighbors, Canada and Mexico.

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Bondi's Medication Bungle

Despite being asked to produce names of specific cases, Bondi’s team could only point to one case and other news sources were unable to find any other such cases. 

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Bondi's Campaign Bungle

According to the Huffington Post, “Bondi has drawn criticism…for accepting campaign contributions from companies the attorney general is investigating. LPS and its former parent Fidelity National Financial -- which is under investigation by the attorney general, as part of the LPS probe -- together contributed thousands to Bondi’s campaign last year.”

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Bondi's Trump Bungle

The Trump donation came three days after Bondi’s office announced a review of allegations in a lawsuit initiated by the NY Attorney over get-rich-quick seminars associated with Trump. Bondi’s office subsequently dropped the review. Surprise Surprise.

Bondi's Execution Bungle

Pam Bondi showed how seriously she takes her role when she rescheduled an execution in order to attend HER OWN political fundraiser.

Bondi's Medicaid Bungle

Bondi showed her “concern” about health care costs by leading the charge AGAINST the Affordable Care Act and also declining to request the extra money needed by the AHCA to investigate and monitor fraud in Medicaid claims.

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